2. Describe roles and principles of intercultural education.

2. Describe roles and principles of intercultural education.

Intercultural Education

  • Intercultural education promotes the understanding of different people and cultures.
  • It includes teachings that accept and respect the normality of diversity in all areas of life.
  • It makes every effort to sensitize the learner to the notion that we have naturally developed in different ways.
  • It seeks to explore, examine and challenge all forms of "isms" and xenophobia, while promoting equal opportunity.
  • Intercultural education works to transform not only the individual but the institution as a metaphor and mechanism for the transformation of society.

Development of Intercultural Competence

  • Intercultural competence can be developed in different ways through different types of education: formal, non-formal and informal.
  • Each type of education could be used when developing intercultural competence of teachers and students.

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