Inter-cultural education and communication

This course is offered by Vytautas Magnus University. We invite Master students to join this course.

Course description:

Degree: Master
Studies/Career: Education
Course: Elective
ESTS (Host institution): 6
Institution: Vytautas Magnus University, University of Pavia
Course duration: 15 weeks
Pre-requisites: Education Science, International Educational Policy and Legal Regulation.
Target group: Master students in education field
Priority students: Good English skills
Language: English

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Student guide (PDF)

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Lina Kaminskiene - Short description
Lijana Navickiene - Short description
Ausra Rutkiene - Short description


Timeline for 2016 Spring semester:

Enrolment Study period Final task
By January 15 February 1 - May 23 In May 23 - June 10


Teaching and learning methods:

Teaching methods:

  • explanation,
  • argumentation,
  • moderation,
  • illustrations,
  • demonstration,
  • feedback provision,
  • critical assessment.

Learning methods:

  • iterature source analysis,
  • discussions,
  • problem solving,
  • case analysis,
  • team work,
  • modeling,
  • designing.


Assessment criteria:
Timely performance of tasks.
Meeting the requirements formulated for individual tasks and team works.

Assessment methods and weightings:
Reflective diary - 14 %
Practical – individual task - 18 %
Teamwork - 18 %
Mid-term - 15 %
Exam (research paper) - 35 %
Total: 100 %



Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives. (2010).  7th Edition.  Editors: James A. Banks, Cherry A. McGee Banks. United States of America.
Richard Race. (2015). Multiculturalism and Education. London and New York, Continuum.
James W.Neuliep. (2015). Intercultural Communication. 6th edition. United States of America.
Intercultural Education: Perspectives and Proposals (2009). Editors: Odina, T.A. ; del Olmo, M.
Jackson, R., Sørensen, G. (2009) Introduction to International Relation: Theories and
Approaches. Oxford: University Press.

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