Web Ethics

This course is offered by University of Pavia. We invite Master students to join this course.

Course description:

Degree: Master
Studies/Career: Humanities and Science
Course: Applied Ethics
ESTS (Host institution): 3
Institution: University of Pavia
Course duration: 8 weeks
Pre-requisites: Students must be registered at one of University of Pavia Master Degrees.
Target group: The course is open to students coming from every type of studies.
Priority students: Firstcome
Language: English

Learning module template
Student guide (PDF)

For registered students: Access learning module



Maria Giovanna Ruberto - Short description
Lijana Navickiene - Short description


Timeline for 2016 Spring semester:

Enrolment Study period Final task
By February 15 March 1 - May 30 In June or Septemer


Teaching and learning methods:

  • Active lecture;
  • Case based analysis;
  • Forum discussion;
  • Exercises.


Assessment criteria:

  • Knowledge;
  • Capacity of critical examination;
  • Analysis skills.

Assessment methods and weightings:
Written examination;
Numerical marking (1-30).



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