Virtual Mobility scenario

Consortium universities will develop virtual mobility (VM) curriculum (modules) for a Master degree (MA) program (field - Education sciences) in a collaborative way by teachers from consortium universities.

Each partner will lead the development of at least 2 modules. In total we plan to have a MA study program in Education science composed of 10 modules.

The modules will be developed using the best experience from the partners’ universities in the field of education, ICT, management and etc. which means that the program will be interdisciplinary, covering modules from the field of education, IT, management, etc.

It will be used as a unique on-line program or splitted and used by modules. It could be implemented later by each partner individually or in cooperation with one or two partners.

As agreed in OUVM consortium meeting in Pavia, there is no need to create new modules, but rather develop already existing modules adapting them to student VM (in the English language) using online learning mode.

Curriculum developed for MA will be implemented in VM mode with Master students from consortium institutions (30 – 40 students in total participating in SVM).

Download complete Virtul Mobility scenario document (PDF)


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